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Patented Process Probiotic


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pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver - 16 oz.


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Extra Strength Silver Gel


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Aloe Infused Silver Nasal Spray


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Organic Lavender Silver Soap


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Ameo Life products have a wide range of applications

Save money with Ameo Life. Ameo Life products are formulated specifically to complement the entire body, and have a wide variety of usages. Whether caring for digestive health, skin, hands and feet. Ameo Life has an option to deliver the best opportunity to promote natural wellness.

A Natural Choice
for Healthy Skin

Ameo Life takes a new approach to Natural Healthy Skin. With an understanding that many of the causes of irritated skin start in the digestive system. Learn more about how to care for the skin from the inside out and join the many Ameo Life customers that have found a safe, natural and effective way to promote natural healthy skin.

The Missing Link to
Better Digestive Health?

Facing Digestive problems? Could pH Balanced Structured Silver be one of the best kept secrets in digestive health? Learn more about how Ameo Life pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver should be considered as the first step to digestive health, and how many customers have experienced positive success in a new way to naturally care for the digestive system.

Celebrating Love of Life

The Ameo Story

At Ameo Life we celebrate the times in our lives when we feel someone has gone above and beyond to make us feel special. Each day we strive for every customer to come away with a confident feeling they have found their “home” on their journey to a healthier life.

We love interacting with our customers! We find a large majority of people will call us to place their orders and further develop a friendship.

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Delivering Safe & Natural Products

Why Choose Ameo

Natural Ingredients

All our products celebrate naturally sourced ingredients that are thoughtfully selected for the greatest efficacy.

Better Results

Through years of research, all of our natural products are backed by science and engineered for better results.

Chemical Free

Ameo Life’s products are formulated from the
finest natural ingredients and are free of any chemicals.

Premium Formulations

Ameo Life pioneers breakthrough formulations to provide the best choices to naturally support the body.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee


What Our Customers
Are Saying

We look forward to hearing your story!

4.7 out of 5

Structured Silver for clear eyes

Hi, I love this product and keep it on hand to use these ways: A couple of drops in my eyes when they feel dry or irritated, or when I get those annoying floaters and they clear up instantly! (I use the blue dropper bottle) I use the silver solution to moisten my nasal passages when they feel dry and irritated. I use the blue nasal spray bottle (you can purchase it on this site also) I mist some on my face to refresh my skin (I use the blue spray bottle)

Alkaline Structured Silver

This product was suggested to me by my naturopath. I have my whole family using this now, and we are all healthy.

Digestion balance

We take one serving of this daily when we are well (twice a day if we feel like we need it) and I have really noticed a difference in my gut health. I see serious issues with digestion if I forget to take my daily serving. Love it and love that it does not attack the good bacteria. Thank you for a great product.pH Balanced Alkaline Silver


This is the best soap I have ever used!!! I wash my face with it and my skin feels so soft and the wrinkles I have on my face hardly show!!! And I love the smell!! Try it, it is awesome.Organic Lavender Silver

My new favorite soap

Oh wow, I didn't think I'd like this soap as much as I do I bought this for the bathroom as sink soap. I was amazed when I swiped my wet hand on the soap 3 times and after rubbing it together the soapy suds just looked and felt like I had poured liquid soap in my hands. So now the price doesn't look bad either since a tiny bit goes a very long way. Started to use in shower too because it leaves my skin feeling soft clean and fresh scented. Highly recommend.Lemongrass Silver Soap

Extra Strength Silver Gel

absolutely LOVE this gel! I have purchased several and given them to friends. Being a retired Nurse I very much aware of the benefits of silver products and I just LOVE to gel as opposed to a cream. Bless you!Extra Strength Silver Gel

This is the BEST!!! Always keep it on hand.

I use this for various things. One I want to highlight is when I accidentally poured hot coffee on my hand between the web of my thumb and fore finger. I immediately applied some gel with great results.Extra Strength Silver Gel


I'm drawn to this probiotic because it survives stomach acids and bile. In addition I've grown to trust the products from this company. I can't say I've actually noticed any difference but I wouldn't know what to look for anyway. In any event, my health plan has been to include a probiotic and this is the one I've chosen. No issues and I'm happy with it.Patented Process Probiotic

Honey lemon lozenges

I love these lozenges. They have helped many times when I have had dry throat. This is my second order. The first order I got was the sugarfree one and those don't taste bad as well. Will be ordering again.


Oh geezzzz Just try them already!! LOL so yummy and they have silver in them a whole tsp per drop... wow I tried wild cherry crisp clear cherry flavor! (nice) I can't wait to try the apple

The First Choice of Natural Health Professionals

Many Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Wellness Clinics, Acupuncturists & Aestheticians use and embrace Ameo Life’s premium quality products as part of their daily routines.

"I am very impressed with Ameo Life customer service, support and silver products. I initially bought the products after doing extensive research on how to naturally support the health of my clients and my family.

Ananda M. Sundari,

Alchemy Arts, Awakening Inner Beauty

"Ameo Life liquid and topical structured silver products have been irreplaceable supplements for my patients. Silver plays a key role in many immune supporting nutritional protocols we utilize.

Michael J. Recupero, DC

South Shore Integrated Health PC

“I have been using silver products for years. I now only use these products. I would never be without my structured silver again and make sure I always have plenty in supply for my clients and myself.”

Jennifer Cabic, BCTN

Holistic Integration, LLC

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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