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Do you operate a Wellness Clinic, Healthy Living Store, Day Spa, Chiropractic Clinic, Fitness Facility or other business engaged in a client's natural wellness?

  Does your business support the natural health and wellness of others?

Chiropractic Clinics :Ameo Life Products are embraced and used in many Chiropractic Clinics across America. Favorite Products of the Chiropractic community are : 

Silver Liquid
Silver Gel

Health Food Stores : A growing number of health food stores are choosing Ameo Life products as their brand of choice. In fact many of our health food store relationships indicate that many of the Ameo Life products become some of their best sellers based on customer demand.

Fitness Facilities : Ameo Life products are a great fit for fitness facilities. Silver being a key product for keeping the body cleansed of many of the elements that weaken the body, Fitness facilities and athletes choose Ameo Life as a primary product to keep the immune system and body in great working order.  

Day Spas : Day Spa Owners Love Ameo Life Soaps, Gels, Drops and Solution. Gently caring for the skin, feet, hands and entire body. Ameo Life products are gently formulated to match the delicate pH of the body and are chemical, toxin and preservative free to offer some of the best options in natural skin restoration. 

Tattoo Parlors : Many people are finding that silver gel is one of the best post care products for tattoos. Where most tattoo care products contain harsh chemicals and alcohols. Ameo Life gels and soaps give the body what it needs to heal naturally and helps the skin to naturally recover. 

Naturopathic Clinics : Naturopathic medical professionals have long embraced silver as a prominent form of naturally caring for the body. As more and more naturopathic professionals learn about the advancements of pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver over the older forms of Colloidal Silver, we see silver once again playing a prominent role in helping care for the body naturally.  

Grow With Ameo Life

Ameo Life offers the most competitive wholesale program in the natural wellness industry. We avoid 3rd party distributors, and offer these savings to our clients working to make a living in the natural health space. 

If you have a passion for wellness and natural health products, Ameo Life may be the perfect fit to help you grow your business. 

On top of industry leading margins we also offer dedicated one on one support, training and the tools to find success with these amazing products.

Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Wellness Clinics, Acupuncturists, Holistic Dentists & Aestheticians use and embrace Ameo Life’s premium quality products as part of their daily practice.

“I have been using all the products from Ameo for several years and love them as do my customers.  They are by far the best and fastest selling in my store.  Multiple applications and safe for all ages”

Shelly Skorik | That Natural Place Health Foods

“I can’t live without AmeoLife structured silver products for myself, my family and my patients. I have peace of mind knowing that these products are pure and effective. I literally travel with the Aloe Silver and Silver Drops in my purse at all times. Thank you Ameo Life for caring for me and mine!”

Dr Amber Ross | Naturopathic Practioner

"Ameo Life liquid and topical structured silver products have been irreplaceable supplements for my patients. Silver plays a key role in many immune supporting nutritional protocols we utilize."

Michael J. Recupero, DC | Integrated Health PC

“I have been using silver products for years. I now only use these products. I would never be without my structured silver again and make sure I always have plenty in supply for my clients and myself.”

Jennifer Cabic, BCTN | Holistic Integration

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Private Label Opportunities

Private Label Opportunities

Our Products. Branded for You.

Looking to offer your customers the most advanced form of natural Supplementation?

Ameo Life offers the purest, most effective products available.

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Why Choose Ameo Life?

Why Choose Ameo Life?

Ameo Life’s proprietary formulations are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified. GMP certifications are the guidelines regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ( 21 SCF part 111) that provides the system of manufacturing process, procedures and documentation that assures a product has the composition, identity, potency and purity of what is claimed on the product label. Furthermore, all Ameo Life products are 3rd party laboratory tested for each lot number to ensure that they meet the specifications listed.

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Our Manufacturing Facilities

Our Manufacturing Facilities

At Ameo Life we take manufacturing of our products very seriously. We work with an unparalleled level of attention to detail to ensure that each and every product, as well as the individual raw ingredients are treated with utmost care. This ensures that each product/ingredient is delivered to the human body in their purest form to naturally embrace overall wellness.

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