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Andrew K.

I first tried it at my dentist's office

My dentist prefers a holistic approach to dentistry and overall health. His practice recently started using this mouth wash as a pre-rinse before starting dental cleaning. I simply loved the taste / sweetness so I asked what they use. They told me it was Ameo, mentioning the benefits of silver and xylitol. My mouth feels fresh afterwards and I love that my dentist, whom I trust for holistic health advice, recommends it as well.

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Silver Mint Mouthrinse

No fluoride

One of the best things on this product is that has no fluoride and leaves the mouth fresh and a good sense of cleanliness and a great taste too. No burning your mouth.

Awaken the senses with a natural mouthrinse that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Ameo Life Natural Mint Mouthrinse is safe to swallow and is free of harmful chemicals found in store-bought mouthwash. Supports Fresh Breath

  • Natural Support
  • Fresh Breath
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Supports fresh breath
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Naturally Cleanses the Mouth
  • No Alcohol

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We Choose Every Ingredient With The Utmost Care To Best Support Your Health.

1 Water
EWG Score


Structured Water

Structured Water (sometimes called crystalline water) is water that has been purified vibrationally in order to restore its molecular shape as found in nature. Some potential benefits of this type of water are better metabolism, more energy & a better ability to hydrate the cells.

Environmental Working Group Ingredient Score
1 Silver, Colloidal
EWG Score


99.9% Pure Silver

Silver has been widely celebrated for generations due to its natural cleansing properties. Our powerful 30 ppm structured alkaline silver delivers an additional layer of protection supporting both the topical and internal immune systems. Silver naturally cleanses yeast, bad bacteria, fungus and mold and is the foundation to helping the body's self restorative nature.

Environmental Working Group Ingredient Score
5 Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil
EWG Score

Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

The peppermint plant is a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean. Due to its natural cooling effect, the active components menthol and menthone are known to invigorate, energize, and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Environmental Working Group Ingredient Score
1 Dead Sea Minerals
EWG Score


Concentrated Trace Minerals

Harvested from the mineral dense Great Salt Lake in Utah, trace minerals are a key component in the generation of billions of tiny electrical impulses within the body. Without these impulses, not a single muscle, including the heart, would be able to function. Trace minerals include iron, chromium, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese and selenium among many others.

Environmental Working Group Ingredient Score
1 Xylitol
EWG Score

Plant Based


Studies have shown that xylitol boosts dental health and helps prevent tooth decay. Xylitol is a naturally occurring ingredient found in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables as well as birch trees and plant fibers. Xylitol does not contain any vitamins, minerals or protein and is empty of calories and is primarily used as a natural sweetener. A positive to xylitol is that it does not spike blood sugar levels or increase heart rates like conventional sugars and sweeteners.

Environmental Working Group Ingredient Score
1 Stevia Rebaudiana (Sweetleaf) Extract
EWG Score

Plant Based


Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant. Known to be 100 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia can be used in very low amounts to help balance the flavor profile in different products. Stevia contains no carbohydrates, calories or artificial ingredients.

Environmental Working Group Ingredient Score
Third Party Laboratory Tested to Ensure Quality and Efficacy
  • Oral
  • Chemical
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy
  • Made in the
  • GMP

Why Choose Ameo Life
Natural Mint Mouthrinse

Ameo Life Natural Mint Mouthrinse is simply the first choice for promoting fresh breath. Naturally cleanse and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean with a natural formulation that is even completely safe to swallow!

A Natural Mouth Rinse
Free of Harmful Chemicals

If you read the ingredient label on grocery store brand mouthwash, you will notice it contains alcohol, sorbitol, methyl salicylate, phosphoric acid, disodium phosphate, sucralose, red#40 and blue#1. These chemicals are known to negatively impact the body over time.

Formulated with Natural Ingredients

Ameo Life delivers a natural mouthrinse that is free of chemicals, delivering only the finest natural ingredients. Formulated with a foundation of 10 ppm pH balanced Alkaline Structured Silver and complemented with Natural Peppermint Essential Oil, a Concentrated Complex of Trace Minerals, Xylitol, and Stevia, we provide you with the finest natural mouthrinse available.

Simply the Finest Silver Product
Formulated To Naturally Support The Body

  • Powerful 10ppm
    Silver infused
  • Alcohol and
    Chemical Free
  • Safe To
  • Naturally Cleanses
    the Mouth
  • Natural
  • Tastes

Simply The Best
Silver Mint Mouthrinse Available

Essential Oil

A cool refreshing treat for the mouth and an awakening of the senses, peppermint essential oil is a natural choice for its invigorating, breath-freshening abilities.

pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver

Silver is an incredibly effective immune support supplement, and it’s natural antimicrobial properties make it a perfect addition to our mouthwash.

Concentrated Trace Minerals

Trace minerals start their journey at the mountain peaks, and flow down through rivers into one of the world's most densely populated reserves in the Great Salt Lake. Ameo Life harvests concentrated trace minerals from these rich deposits as an added benefit to our natural mouthwash.


Xylitol is the best natural choice over other harsh chemical sweeteners. Studies have shown that xylitol boosts dental health by starving the plaque-producing bacteria in your mouth. It doesn't spike blood sugar or insulin, and it also feeds friendly microbes in your digestive system.


Stevia contains no fermentable carbohydrates, meaning that it can't metabolize with mouth bacteria. The Caries Research Journal published a study that concluded that stevia is considered non-acidogenic, which means that it supports dental health.

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We Care About Your Health. The Proof is in the Ingredients.

At Ameo Life, we believe in supporting the body with the safest, effective natural products. We are proud of our products and love to see the amazing differences they have with our customers.

Rinse full strength with ⅔ oz , or a comfortable amount in your mouth for 30 seconds morning and night.

An Honest Supplement Brand
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All Ameo Life products are made with pride right here in the USA.

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Ameo Life products are 3rd party lab tested to ensure quality control.

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Our certified GMP facilities ensure the highest standards of purity.

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Still Have Questions?

Does your product contain any fluoride?

No! There are far too many concerns about the safety of fluoride, so we have chosen not to include it.

What does your Breath Spray taste like?
Why do you add stevia?
Will it make my teeth sensitive?
Will it burn my mouth?
Is it safe to swallow?
How often can I use it?
What are trace minerals?
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