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Unlocking Digestive Wellness: What's the Missing Link?

The Missing Link to Digestive Health?

Could Alkaline Structured Silver be the missing link in supporting digestive health?

 It's a well-documented fact that the digestive system holds the key to our overall health. An unhealthy gut microbiome can lead to various health concerns.

 Are digestive issues bringing you down?

 Are you experiencing…

  • Lack of energy
  • Poor mental clarity
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Improper bowel movements
  • Increased stress
  • Higher than normal blood pressure

 Just not feeling like yourself?

 Many of these concerns indicate digestive problems.

 When the digestive system is unbalanced, it causes additional workload on the immune system - and our entire life can be affected.

 Did you know that …

 62 Million Americans are diagnosed with a digestive order each year?


  • More Americans are hospitalized with digestive disorders than any other condition.
  • Digestive disorders represent the nation's most serious health problem.
  • Digestive disorders are one of the most prevalent causes of disability in the workforce.

 If you are facing digestive and health concerns … you’re not alone.

An often overlooked option to caring for the digestive system is pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver.

 Silver as digestive support?

 Alkaline structured silver cares for the digestive system differently than any other herb, botanical or supplement.

If you are facing a digestive concern, please continue reading!

 When the digestive system is facing a crisis, bacteria, yeast, mold and fungus are attacking the good microbes in the digestive tract as well as eroding the walls of the gut lining, causing what is referred to as “Leaky Gut Syndrome”.

 Over time this toxic overload plays a big part in our declining sense of well-being, as it increases the workload on our immune system. In fact, many of the autoimmune conditions that people face can be traced back to digestive issues and leaky gut concerns.

 Many skin conditions can be traced back to a leaky gut

 As toxins leach through the lining of the gut, our body in its wisdom will push them outwards through our largest elimination organ, the skin.  However, toxins can sometimes become trapped, causing a variety of skin concerns. This is why treating skin conditions topically can often be ineffective - in many cases it’s not addressing the root cause of the concern, which began in the gut.

 Back to Silver

 Silver, In an Alkaline Structured form works in harmony with the body to cleanse the digestive system. Silver works in a way that is different from any other form of supplementation, probiotic food, herb or botanical.

 Silver as step 1 for caring for the digestive system:

 Silver does not metabolize in the body. Meaning that it does not require any additional workload on the digestive or immune systems. Unlike probiotics, foods and other forms of supplementation, silver circulates through the body cleansing bacteria, yeast, fungus and molds without requiring the digestive system to break it down in order to be useful.

 After this cleansing process, many people find that probiotics and other forms of supplementation as well as foods are more effective and better embraced by the body. As the body is now in a position to better benefit and absorb the nutrients.

 Does not add workload to the digestive or immune system. Silver is different in the fact that it does not require the body to break it down in order to be useful. When the body needs to break down a substance like a food or supplement,  it requires more workload on the digestive system, which in many cases an overworked digestive system simply cannot achieve. This is why in so many cases people are simply flushing their supplements down the toilet as the body doesn't have the capacity to break them down and use them.

 Safe and Effective. pH balanced Alkaline Structured Silver is safe and has no reported side issues. As Silver does not metabolize in the body, has a very small particle size and is bonded to the water molecule, silver passes through the body over the course of 12 hours. pH balanced Alkaline Structured Silver is safe to be used with any health program, diet or lifestyle without any negative implications.

(Further Read - The Differences between Alkaline Structured Silver and colloidal silvers)

 Embraced By the Body. pH balanced Alkaline Structured Silver is the most advanced form of silver supplementation currently available in the natural wellness community. A few key points being : Formulated alkaline is accepted by the body as compared to older technology silvers that are in fact in an acidic state. Structured water assists in proper hydration as well as helping the silver circulate throughout the entire body where it is needed most.

When looking to cleanse the digestive system and getting the body back on track, consider pH Balanced Structured Silver as the first step to resetting the body.

 Many of the customers of Ameo Life have embraced pH Balanced Alkaline structured silver as a part of their daily wellness routine and feel amazing with their success!

 Now is your turn to take back control of your body and the Ameo Life Difference

 We love our customers! In a recent customer survey we wanted to check in with our customers as an opportunity to share their experiences with Ameo Life and our products.

How has Ameo Life’s products impacted your life? so many ways...I am a healthier and happier person because of your products. My insides feel good and so does the way I look on the outside. My gut is healing and my skin has never looked so good. Kathleen

 They didn't just impact my life, they've intrinsically become part of my daily routine. I joke with people in my circle when I say, "You know that ad campaign for American Express about never leaving home without it," well I NEVER leave home without at least 2 Ameo Life silver products! I have lozenges and gel in my purse at all times! Melinda

My gut is already seeing improvement. I have far less bloating and inflammation. Sore throats go away in a matter of minutes. Mishela

Why did you buy from Ameo Life?

 I believe in the products and the people who run the company. The relationship that I have established with this team means so much to me. I feel like I can call them friends. They support me and I support them. That means a lot to me in today's world! Katie

 What helped you justify the cost of your purchase? Why was it worth the investment in your health?

The cost is worth it because there are too many companies that seek to make a profit but they sell you substandard products, ones that do not benefit you as they advertise. Health is precious and you must seek out the companies with the highest levels of integrity when selecting what you will take to improve your health.

My gut is already seeing improvement. I have far less bloating and inflammation. Sore throats go away in a matter of minutes. Meshela

 Why should someone start buying structured silver and/or probiotics immediately?

 So they are on hand when needed if they are not immediately needed. Most people have gut issues and this helps get them moving in the right direction. The more you use the products the more you see the need for them. Mary Ann