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Can rejuvenating the skin be this easy?

Did you know skin care begins in the gut?

The blemishes that appear on your face could be from bacteria in your gut, as well as on your face.

We know bacteria and yeast can grow on your skin and can get trapped in sweat glands or hair follicles, where they begin to produce pus within the sub-structure of your skin.

But what is less known, is when the gut is filled with bad bacteria, it also shows up in your skin pores as the body tries to excrete the toxins. 

If you have skin problems that don't resolve with a change in your facial care regimen, it could be your body telling you that something is wrong with your gut or immune system.


Healthy skin requires a systematic plan


The root cause of many skin problems is usually one (or a combination) of the following: poor hygiene, hormone imbalances, environmental pollutants, or bacterial imbalances inside the gut.

The environment you live in may be contaminated with chemicals, bacteria and fungus, and as your skin absorbs these from the air, it can become infected causing acne.

The micro-biome of your gut requires a healthy balance of bacteria - otherwise the toxins can infect your skin as your body tries to eliminate them through your sweat glands and pores. The immune system must also be supported and healthy to be able to keep the inflammation in the skin low.

Your integumentary system (which includes the skin), must be kept clean, hydrated, and free of bad bacteria. Silver can compliment the immune and integumentary systems to cleanse, restore and protect the skin to a great extent. 

Most skin remedies promote an acid, exfoliant or even an antibiotic that only deals with the surface of the skin. However, problems can remain hidden under the skin deep in the pores where bacteria can multiply within your precious skin tissues and leave permanent scars or divots. 


Our Natural, 3 Step System


Non-toxic, organic silver soap helps to gently cleanse the skin, while silver gel provides a protective foundation all day long.  Liquid silver water, swallowed two teaspoons twice a day, can complement the immune system and prevent unhealthy bacteria from multiplying in the gut.

This 100% natural, 3 step system puts you in control of the health of your skin!

Ameo Life Silver products are 100% natural and contain no toxins, fillers or harmful ingredients. Your immune system loves working with silver because silver is natural and allows the immune system to do its job of regenerating tissues. 

This simple 3 step system :

  • Doesn’t require a prescription 
  • Works for all skin types
  • Complements the immune system


Now is the time to reveal your clear, beautiful skin!

*Please note Ameo Life products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any disease or sickness.