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Is This What's Holding Your Health Back?

Let's Get To The Root Causes

Recently I have noticed a huge uptick in the amount of commercials promoting pharmaceutical products that do not have your health in top priority. Most of us do not pay close enough attention to the languaging in these commercials. When watching or listening to these advertisements closely, one will hear the same pattern of words repeated: 

“Product X will treat your health symptoms of condition Y”

Taking Health Supplements

Whether the condition is toenail fungus, diabetes issues, Crohn's disease, heart and cholesterol problems, or erectile dysfunction - the list goes on, along with a drug pitch to“treat the symptoms”. Moreover, while actors smile and play in the commercial, a long list of side effects in fine print quickly scrolls past viewers.  Many of these side effects are drastic, such as liver damage, breathing problems, seizures, and more.

My question is, why would we want to treat the symptoms and not work towards healing the overall condition?

This is where we discover a system that is completely broken. 

There are billions, if not close to trillions of dollars at stake in “treating the symptoms” rather than preventative healthcare that focuses on healing the illness. The health industry almost entirely dismisses the idea of complete and permanent healing, often countering discussions of healing with warnings against false hope. This implies that sickness is seen as unavoidable and continuous, with medication being the sole solution, and entertaining alternatives is viewed as irresponsible or unrealistic.

A Divine Creator Involved In Your Health

Wellness and Health

However, believing our bodies are divinely created implies faith that our creator designed a world capable of sustaining life.

And this is what we find! Throughout the world, for thousands of years before “modern medicine” with its hard-to-pronounce products featured on today’s commercials, people have benefited from natural supplementation.

 Minerals, herbs, roots and other naturally-derived remedies contain proven unaltered ingredients which combat a host of bacterial and viral pathogens. Unfortunately, the mainstream healthcare system demonizes natural wellness, forbidding natural supplement companies from claiming any benefits for their products.

FDA Monitors More Than You Know

FDA Stopping Health

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) monitor natural supplements. If a natural wellness product is caught making any claims regarding healing, treating or curing any health condition, that company can be in for a rough ride offines, penalties, or even removal from the marketplace entirely.

Did you ever wonder why your doctor doesn’t offer any natural options? In fact, pharmaceutical companies' financial support to the AMA (American Medical Association) prohibits medical schools from teaching natural wellness.


This ensures that students memorize pharmaceutical drugs in a “pill for an ill” system strategically set on maximizing profits, instead of minimizing sickness. 

It is as if the very concept of our bodies being created to be healthy and able to overcome sickness if properly supported has been lost on our society at large. So let's look at health and our bodies, and regain some of that lost understanding.

Your Body Wants To Heal Itself... 

Blood cells fighting disease

Our bodies are natural healing, treating, and curing machines. If allowed to function as intended, the immune system efficiently and effectively seeks out and destroys pathogens. The body can go from being very sick to fully recovered, especially when supported with the appropriate supplementation and a healthy lifestyle.

Also, our body does not get sick overnight. We must understand what is damaging our bodies and leading to long term illness. Like waves eroding the shoreline over the course of many years, or a bucket slowly filling up until it reaches past its capacity, the same principle applies to our bodies. 

One does not wake up with cancer, heart disease, digestive issues or health problems that weren’t there yesterday. These conditions take extended periods of time to develop, as the body is slowly eroded from chemicals, stress, lack of sleep etc. which eventually wear the body down until it isun-well.

Envirnmental Factors Effect Your Health

Fireman With Biohazard Mask

Notably, it is mostly environmental factors that lead to these health issues, not genetics. For example, according to the American Cancer Society, only 5% of cancer is genetic. The rest is environmental - the body taking in toxic, carcinogenic chemicals through unhealthy products, medicines, food, air, etc.

 Unfortunately, the path to wellness all too often promoted to consumers is one that is making them sicker. But given proper support, the body is able to recover the vast majority of the time. 


Now that we’ve identified what’s making us sick and keeping us sick, let’s look at the positive things we can start doing today to better complement our health. 

Let's start by examining the ingredients of the supplements, hygiene, and beauty products we apply to or ingest in our bodies. What is actually in these products? What are the long-term effects of using those substances? Are there smarter choices we could make that would put us on the road to better health?

Being Honest With Your  Health Journey? 

Older man working out with small weights

Think about each meal and snack you eat, and ask yourself, “Is this pushing me backwards or propelling me forwards on my health journey?” Making small, intentional changes adds up to big results over time!

Reflect upon your mindset in life, and the daily actions and routine you have which reinforces that mindset. What are some positive changes you could make? What if you added in exercise, music, or reading? An adventure outside in nature or prayer walk?

 We know that our body and the earth is divinely created to substantiate health and life. Live intentionally, make smart choices consistently, and realign your body with its natural, thriving state. Don’t waste your life - you are worth it!

Ameo Life is dedicated to formulating the healthiest supplements in their most natural, purest state. Our products are completely safe for all members of your family (including pets).  

Let us help you actively support your body's transformation into its intended thriving state.

- To Be a Thriving, Healthy Human Being!