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Structured Water - Is there a difference?

Why Do We Use Structured Water Over Purified or Distilled Water?

With all the Structured Waterhype spreading across the globe, it's time to shed some more light on this question:Our goal is to provide the finest natural formulations based on research and current science.

Here are 5 reasons:

Structured Water -Spring
  • Optimal Hydration. Our cells have aquaporin channels which assimilate water molecules one at a time. Unstructured water has its molecules clumped together. Structuring the water aligns its molecules properly, which enables cells to hydrate and nourish more easily. This alignment reduces the energy the body needs to hydrate.
  • Energy, Energy, Energy. Our body needs energy to function. Energy is a vital part of being alive. This water provides good clean biophotonic life-force energy to the body.  This type ofwater shows a massive increase of biophotonic energy in water.  This energy isn't like caffeine energy that can lead to crashing. You will receive long lasting balanced energy that's sustainable.
  • Cleaner Water.Structured water also creates an aerobic positive environment through free stable oxygen which promotes healthy bacteria and negates bad bacteria. 
  • Softer Water. Structured water naturally has a lower surface tension then most unstructured water which makes water smoother, easier to drink, more absorbable by the body. 
  • Balanced Water. The spinning of water in nature is the first phase of structuring and the energy infusion from the earth elements is the second phase of structuring. This brings natural balance back to the water which helps to bring natural balance back to your body and life.


What are the Benefits of Structured Water? 

Through the restructuring of water it has been recognized to:

  • increase energy
  • improve concentration and memory
  • promote weight loss and weight maintenance
  • promote better sleep
  • support a healthy immune system
  • help detoxify the body
  • promote good digestion and reduce constipation

The Science behind this water:

Structured waterdoes not have the same properties as bulk water. Water is the carrier of the most important molecules of life, like proteins and DNA. The water within our cells differs from the water in a glass; it is ordered and crystalline in structure. Similar to ice, this structured water excludes particles and solutes during formation. This process creates what is known as an exclusion zone.

Structured Water Cells

In the world of water purification, structured water has been purified vibrationally in order to neutralize toxins. Water in nature is also naturally structured. As water runs over rocks and dances around curves and corners the water spins and this spinning can structure the water.

There are many amazing devices today that can do the same thing by emulating nature and vortexing the water. Once pollution is removed, water can return to its natural structure. Vibrational pollution is a program or memory of water.

Some processes may try to erase pollution by the distillation process. This process proves suboptimal as boiling and evaporation remove vital minerals and any molecule structure, and reverse osmosis water also loses most beneficial minerals. If our body does not get the minerals it needs, it may not function at its highest potential.

We Don't Recycle Our Water Without Letting It Go Through Natures Cycle

Of evaporation, rain and flowing in streams or through a water structuring device, we may still be consuming vibrational or energetic pollution. When water is structured it is re-balanced, just like in nature.

Water is what we depend on for every bodily function and ultimately for survival. Researchers have found that cells absorb this type of water better than unstructured water. Drinking unstructured water can leave a person dehydrated because the larger, unstructured water molecules may not be as effective for cell absorption.

To Help Understand The Comparison

The Wolfe Clinic website states: “The difference between normal water (a structural conglomerate) and hexagonally-structured water (an organized matrix) is similar to the difference between a piece of quartz and a quartz crystal. Although they are chemically the same (both silicon dioxide), a piece of quartz is structurally random, with an almost opaque appearance. On the other hand, quartz crystals organize themselves into perfect geometric symmetry and appear 'crystal' clear.

Another name is “liquid crystalline water." Some potential benefits are better metabolism, DNA strengthening, more energy and a better ability to hydrate the cells. 

Structured water Has Been Verified

By spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, electron microscopes, computer simulation models, and scanning tunnelling microscopy. The way the world views water in relation to health and energy is beginning to change, thanks to many scientific studies.

Our dedication is to provide you with only the finest natural supplements to compliment your body. For this reason Ameo Life uses a base of Structured Water in our Liquid Silver Solution.