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Fighting the Flames of Digestive Health

This article is not intended to treat, cure or heal any health condition. Rather, it focuses on an important issue and often-missed opportunity with digestive health.  

Each day we see a growing number of advertisements by marketingly for health products focused on digestive aids and gut health. This has become big business across North America over the past few years but sadly, many people don’t have the full story.

While many products ranging from enzymes, greens, fibre, pudica seed and so on have been proven to assist with digestive support and can be very beneficial, there is still a very important missing step. 

When the gut and digestive system are in a crisis state - which people are experiencing now more than ever - any form of supplementation can actually make the problem feel worse. 

Why is this?

Anything that happens both inside and outside of our body commands an immune response that directly reports to our digestive system. Our immune system is the first line of defense to keep our body healthy and functioning in harmony on a daily basis. Both our immune system and digestive system work together to bring balance to our bodies. 

However, both of these systems can quickly become overworked. 

Think about it like this 

For 15 years I was a firefighter in a small remote community. We did not have reinforcements we could call upon when tragedy struck. In times of crisis we had to depend on the resources on hand to overcome these situations to the best of our abilities. There was no backup. As you can imagine, we were often overwhelmed as the magnitude of the crisis was beyond our resources. 

Our immune system functions in a similar way. In many cases under the stresses people are experiencing today, the immune system is overworked and unable to call for backup support. This is why we are seeing an explosion of autoimmune conditions facing millions of people across America. 

Back to the firefighting analogy for a moment. On every emergency scene there is a fire chief. They conduct the role of commander and direct the firefighters how to best handle the emergency scene. Every move is tactfully managed and coordinated by the fire chief. 

In larger centers, sometimes another crew is dispatched to help out - but if they do not coordinate their efforts with the fire chief it can create chaos, and lives can be jeopardized. 

We can view the fire chief as our immune system, constantly managing an emergency situation with the resources that are available. Further supplementation is like an additional team of firefighters rushing onto the scene without coordinating their efforts with the fire chief. This can overload the situation and for a moment, the fire chief may not know what to do with the additional resources. 

When our immune system is operating in a time of crisis, we need to be mindful of thetype of additional resources and thetiming of when to provide them, in order to help calm the situation. 

Different forms of supplementation offer different features and benefits, however they all share one common denominator. They all need to be broken down by the body in order to be absorbed and properly used. This is called metabolization.

Metabolization, or the breaking down of these supplements, can put an additional strain on both the digestive and immune systems during a crisis situation. In many cases the body is not prepared for the additional workload and these supplements are passed through the digestive system unused, providing little benefit to help combat the crisis. 

This is where silver plays an important role

Imagine silver being the first, quick-acting resource that the fire chief could call in to extinguish the flames. Calling in silver would help the firefighters to rest and prepare for their next emergency. 

Silver operates differently than other supplements. One of the most important points to know is silver, in an alkaline formulation, does not metabolize in the body.  As we discussed, metabolism is the function the body needs to perform to break down supplements, which adds to the workload of both the immune and digestive systems. 


As an alkaline silver solution does not metabolize, it reports directly to the fire chief and receives the green light to extinguish the flames causing the crisis situation. This allows the chief to put the remaining fire fighters on stand down, while silver tackles the crisis situation. 

You have probably seen the aftermath of a forest fire, where everything has been torched and the surrounding environment looks like a wasteland. As devastating as this may appear, the soil is now rich with the vital nutrients it needs for regrowth. Our digestive system operates in a similar way. After silver is given the opportunity to overcome the flames of crisis, the digestive system is now in a better position to use and absorb the nutrients it requires to flourish. The workload on the immune system has been reduced, and the digestive system now welcomes the addition of probiotics and the essential digestive enzymes to repopulate the gut. 

We hope that this has helped you better understand supplementation and digestive health. It is why we believe silver to be in the first line of defense when the body faces a crisis situation. 

If you found this article helpful, please share it with others. Our goal at Ameo Life is to provide important lessons on health in an easy to understand format. 

We appreciate you reading!