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Taking Back Control of My
Health and Wellness… Naturally

“Ameo Life’s products made a significant impact in helping me rediscover myself and reclaiming my wellness. So much so that I had to be a part of this winning team”

Bernie Kosar
Overcoming the
Biggest Obstacle... My Health

Across multiple decades, Bernie Kosar accomplished the most remarkable honors the sport of football has to offer. Spanning all ranks of the game, Bernie rose from the National High School Football Hall of Fame to a National Championship at the University of Miami, multiple NFL Championship appearances culminating in a Super Bowl Championship with the Dallas Cowboys.

However, the brutally physical nature of the game left its wear and tear on Kosar’s body over the course of his career. Suffering an estimated 100 concussions along with 40 surgeries and 80 broken bones, he faced some long term medical implications such as recurring seizures.

In the midst of the damage inflicted upon his body, a new challenge surfaced. Around four years ago, Bernie was diagnosed with only five years of cognitive ability remaining.

The idea that his active and mentally engaging lifestyle would be severely curtailed, placing him in the twilight of his life, ignited the realization that he needed to uncover a new health regimen. Not only for himself, but for fellow athletes in the same shoes.

Taking Back Control
of my Health… Naturally

As you know, my career in professional sports took its toll on my body. In order to reclaim my health and win my life back, I had to take a very serious look at everything I put both into and onto my body.

This included getting rid of the chemicals and toxins that were not supporting my mental and overall wellness. My quest led me to a company that a former teammate and amazing friend Ralph Malone was a partner in. Ralph played college ball at Georgia Tech - later we played together with the Cleveland Browns, and we’ve maintained a lifelong friendship.

Ralph introduced me to Ameo Life and their approach to healing the body naturally, with an entire line of products that are :

Chemical Free

Preservative Free

Toxin Free

Believing that the body is a miracle, designed to heal itself when we give it what it needs, I fell in love with Ameo Life and their approach. I’m happy to say I’ve been able to use the Ameo Life products to regain control of my health.

One of my personal favorite products that has made a significant difference in my health is Silver. I’ve been using Ameo Life silver products and I have to say, they’ve scored a touchdown for silver supplements in today’s market.

In fact, from what I’ve learned and the differences I have felt, pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver should be in every home and in every locker room across America … period.

I love, and believe in, and recommend these products highly. My daily routine includes the silver and probiotic (which contains the added benefit of prebiotics, aloe, slippery elm, and turmeric.) I use their natural mouthrinse every morning and evening to keep my mouth fresh.

The silver gel is amazing for my skin. I also love their natural, organic soaps as they are made without any artificial fragrance.

An Honest Supplement Brand
You Can Trust

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    All Ameo Life products are made with pride in the USA

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    All Ameo Life Products meet the highest standards & are 3rd party tested

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    Ameo Life products are made in certified GMP Facilities achieving the highest standards

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    All products formulated with the finest premium quality natural ingredients.

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How Does Silver work?

Colloidal Silver has a naturally charged positive ion with the ability to steal an electron from the bacterial cell membrane. If enough electrons are stripped, the cell membrane ruptures and the bacteria loses its ability to function.

Although this is useful, the 1-1 electron exchange is limited, even at higher concentrations of silver.

Ameo Life’s groundbreaking science uses microscopic silver particles with a unique silver oxide coating, enabling them to steal multiple electrons. This results in a continuous firing action.

The silver particles are also supercharged with a frequency of 895 to 920 terahertz. This powerful combination of silver and resonant homeopathic UV frequency multiples the effect exponentially.

In fact, Ameo Life Alkaline Structured Silver at a concentration of 30 ppm (parts per million) is up to ten times more effective than traditional colloidal silvers.

The Most Bioavailable Silver

Ameo Life silver particles are bonded to structured water molecules, in contrast to purified or distilled water used in many other silver products. This increases the bioavailability of the silver, since structured water is better absorbed by the cells.

The structured water is also slightly alkaline, ranging from 7.4 to 7.8 pH. This allows Ameo Life’s Silver solution to gently but effectively permeate cell walls, without causing undue strain on the immune system.

Best of all, unlike other silver products, Ameo Life’s pH balanced Alkaline Structured SIlver will not harm beneficial bacteria, isn’t metabolized in the body, and is safely excreted with no residual buildup. Ever.

Still Have Questions?

How much silver should I take?

The suggested serving size for adults is 2 teaspoons twice a day.

Will this help with my cut/wound/acne?
How much silver should I take?
Is the silver safe for pets?
What is the shelf life?
Is it safe with children?
Can you ingest the liquid?
Is the silver solution safe to stay out in the heat? How long?
What type of bottles do you recommend transferring liquid into? ie: from gallon to plastic/glass jars/containers. Do the containers have to be dark colored? Or clear?
When will my order arrive?