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Ameo Life products promote your body’s natural ability to heal

By supporting the foundational wellness of the entire body including the immune system, digestive wellness, cellular and skin health, the body can naturally restore and recover from many of today's health concerns. 

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    The life you deserve is within your reach

    The human body thrives and survives on the natural vitamins, minerals and essential herbs and botanicals sourced from the earth. Our focus is to deliver these powerful forms of supplementation to the human body exactly as they are naturally sourced.

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    We’re transparent with our approach to your wellness

    For us it starts with the careful selection of each and every ingredient and displaying these ingredients in an easy to understand way to help you choose the best forms of supplementation to regain your overall wellness.

    Powerful stories of positive change

    “I have struggled with gut health issues my entire life & it wasn’t until adulthood that I realized I needed to pay more attention to what was happening with my gut. I am obsessed with this. I’ve been using it as directed and it has literally changed the way I feel on a daily basis.”

    - Allison Cooper

    “My favourite product is definitely the probiotic. I have been using it for about two months now and gut health is so important to me. This stuff has done wonders for my gut health, my skin, my overall wellbeing. I use it daily. I love it.”

    - Katie Uhran

    “Ameo Life has given me my face back. I had hormonal acne and had just accepted that this is what my face was going to look like now. I don’t even have words to express the amount of confidence that I have & even leaving the house without makeup & then when I do wear makeup, I rock it.”

    - Shelly

    “I love Ameo Life products. One of my favorites being the silver and aloe infused nasal atomizer. When I feel congestion in my nose or seasonal allergies this is one of my go to products. As well I really feel the difference with my digestive system using the probiotics. Definitely recommend these to all my friends and family members.”

    - Nikki Clarke

    Join the many happy customers who have found success with Ameo Life!

    “Best fulvic EVER!”

    “This product is AMAZING!!! I noticed an increase in my energy within the first week. My hair, nails, and skin look better, and I feel younger! I recommend this product for ALL ages and all people. I will use this daily for the rest of my life.” - Nicki G.

    “Love Humic & Fulvic Mineral Drops”

    “I felt an energy difference the 1st day I took it. My skin is softer, I feel calmer, and I sleep better. I have been taking this in my morning smoothie. Big, big difference. Thanks for a great product!” - Linda F.

    “Love, love all their products!”

    “Probiotic by Ameo Life”

    “I felt results right away! These are superior products! - Sandra R.

    “Amazing Energy!!!”

    “I have been on this new product Fulvic for a week and off my normal supplements. I am blown away by the amount of energy I have by taking 2 Tablespoons per day!!! I may have to cut back to 1 tablespoon a day because I was wide awake last night at 11:00 pm! Thank you, Ameo, for this great and much-needed product!!!” - Jeanie S.


    “All I can say is that this fulvic acid is THE BEST. It has become a staple in our home and is here to stay. I am feeling all of the benefits. 100% recommend this product to anyone and everyone.” - Kennedy J.