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Product Reviews

Amazing results!

Before using the Silver Solution I would regularly have stomach pain, heart burn and digestive issues. I have been using the solutions for a couple months and all those issue are gone. On top of that brain fog has disappeared. I also feel my workouts are more productive. Thank you for this. Highly recommend!

- Luis P.

Patented Process Probiotic

I have had great success with my clients using this probiotic. Especially in the area of cystic acne and genera skin issues clearing up. My clients who have suffered from digestive issues are also experiencing relief and healing. this is a fantastic product and I endorse it completely. Doc MG

- Dr. Marie Gagne

Always on hand

We bring this with us everywhere we go, camping, vacations etc. Our son whacked his forehead pretty bad borderline needed stitches and we cleaned it up and gauzed his cut with this silver gel and throughout the healing process over his steri strips and it healed up nicely.

- Kellie

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