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‘On the Go’ Silver Wellness Kit

A complete mini natural wellness kit to keep on hand in the home, car, and office. Convenient 2 ounce bottles fit in your purse or pocket. Perfect size for air travel, or weekend getaways!

Wellness Kit contains one of each of the following:

- Aloe Infused Silver Nasal Spray. relieves congestion by gently cleansing mucus to help clear the nasal passages. Feel and breathe easier!
- Fresh Breath Spray leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Formulated with only premium natural ingredients, Ameo Life breath spray is a safe and effective way to support oral health.
- Aloe Infused Silver Drops contain soothing properties for the ears and skin. Drops can also be added to a beverage to naturally support the immune and digestive system.

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Why Choose Ameo Life Aloe Infused Silver Nasal Spray

Ameo Life Aloe Infused Silver Nasal Spray continues our dedication to providing the finest natural forms of wellness free of any chemicals, toxins or fillers. Silver Infused with Aloe gently cleanses the nasal passages and nose of unwanted mucus allowing you to feel and breathe easier.

Why Choose Ameo Life Fresh Breath Spray

Ameo Life Fresh Breath spray is simply the easiest choice for promoting fresh breath and oral support. Feel confident knowing the natural ingredients are even safe to swallow!
Formulated with silver, peppermint essential oil and trace minerals, it's the finest natural breath spray available.

Why Choose Ameo Life Aloe Infused Silver Drops

Gentle and toxin free, Silver with Aloe is a staple to have on hand to support the body in times of need. Aloe contains natural compounds known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The precise dropper provides a controlled application to the ears and hard to reach areas of the body.

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