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Step 1: Alkaline Silver : Gentle, Effective Gut Cleansing
Step 2: Probiotic : Introduce Healthy Gut Flora

Gut Health Reset

I felt the results right away! These are superior products!

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Healthy Gut - Healthy Life Gut Health Reset helps to gently improve gut health by using our unique combination. Feel the difference of better health with a gentler, more effective gut health solution.

  • Gut Health
  • Natural Balance
  • Skin Health
  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Longest Survivability Rate
  • Supports Overall Wellness
  • Promotes healthy complexion

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How To Reset Your Gut
So you can feel better naturally, without the discomfort of harsh protocols.

This gentle, effective combination of Alkaline Structured Silver and Patented Process Probiotics is a powerful combination to flush bad gut bacteria from your system and replace it with beneficial flora. Studies show that gut flora is directly related to overall health, mental health and clarity, improved skin health, and a supported immune system. Customers who use our Gut Health Reset report feeling better and more energized in less than a month!

Step 1: Flush Out the Bad

Take 2 tsp of pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver twice a day to gently and effective cleanse the gut.

Why Use pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver: The body functions best in an alkaline state, and many studies show that bad bacteria and yeast cannot flourish when the body is alkaline. We use Alkaline, Structured water to make our silver because of the potential benefits of better metabolism, DNA strengthening, more energy and a better ability to hydrate the cells.

Step 2: Introduce the Good

Take 2 capsule of Probiotics twice a day to replenish the beneficial flora.

Why Use Ameo Life Probiotics: If you have been researching probiotics, you may have discovered that many probiotic supplements promote a high number of Colony Forming Units (CFUs) as the most important feature of their product. However, if these billions of microorganisms can’t withstand the harsh environment of the digestive system, you may be simply pouring your hard earned money quite literally down the toilet. 92% of other probiotics can't survive the stomach's harsh environment and are flushed out without any benefits.

70%of beneficial gut flora remain active in your gut 2 hours after supplementation with Ameo Life, boosting gut health from the inside out.

Step 3: Continue for 30 Days

Continue supplementing twice per day for a full 30 days for a complete Gut Health Reset of your digestive system.

70%of Ameo Life Customers buy our products again - because they really work!
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Better Health from the Inside Out

You can't afford poor gut health.

  • Immunity

    Probiotics have been shown to support a healthy immune system.

  • Digestive Health

    Supports normal digestion of food, and in some cases the probiotic bacteria themselves actually product vitamins and neurotransmitters.

  • Urinary

    The use of probiotics may help to provide support for a healthy urinary tract.

  • Clear Skin

    A healthy gut has been shown to positively support the skin.

  • Supports Overall Wellness

    More good gut flora and fewer bad gut flora promotes overall wellness.

  • Boosts Cognitive Function

    A healthy gut flora can help with cognitive function and support a positive mood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Probiotics haven’t worked for me in the past. Why will this Gut Health Reset be different?

Most probiotics aren’t able to survive the acidic digestive environment. Our Patented Process Probiotic is proven to not only survive on its way down into your gut, but thrive once there.

How long does it take to feel better using the Gut Health Reset?
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