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3 Bottle Applicator Set

Refillable 3 Bottle Applicator Set allows you to apply silver wherever you need it! 

+ Features and Benefits :

  • convenient 1 ounce size is perfect for air travel
  • spray bottle allows convenient misting 
  • pump bottle directs a narrow spray
  • dropper affords precise application 
  • small enough to carry in your purse or pocket 

+ Materials:

  • Eye dropper bottle is made from C3 safety glass.
  • Spray bottles are PETE recyclable plastic.  

Discover the ultimate solution for on-the-go applications with our Refillable 3 Bottle Applicator Set – your pocket-sized companion for precise, convenient, and eco-friendly application of silver solutions wherever you go!

This meticulously crafted set is designed with your convenience and sustainability in mind. Whether you're jet-setting across the globe or just out and about in your daily routine, the compact 1-ounce size of each bottle meets air travel regulations and ensures you're never without your essentials.